Mobile roof crane ZM 02

Mobile crane ZM 02 is designed to be used on roofs of low load capacity. The aluminium construction and special load distribution allow to distribute the pressure over a larger area of the roof without risk of damaging the membrane. The applied wide, pumped wheels are gentle for soft roofs. The crane can be moved along the façade to a new location without having to dismantle it. Counterweight is provided by easily refillable 20L water tanks, making installation on the roof and transportation effortless. Another advantage is that there is no need to carry the ballast by car, which reduces fuel costs. It is adapted to cooperate with rope winches without the limitation of the line length, e.g. Tirak X300 or RIGID LTD50-8P9.


The crane is dedicated for Demishine 150 facade washing machine or other solutions up to 100 kg.

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