Mobile Osmosis Station - ENRO

Mobile osmosis station ENRO is a complex device for water purification. Thoughtful solution based on the reverse osmosis process leads to crystal clear water. The high quality of treated water is ensured by the selection of the highest quality components. Operation of the unit is fully automatic. The device works on the basis of an electronic controller that monitors the water flow in all branches, pressure and conductivity. Any anomalies in operation, which can cause damage to the membranes or contamination of the clean water tank, are immediately reported to the operator. Long-lasting operation of the membranes is ensured by appropriate pre-, final and cyclic flushing cycles.


With such a station you can simultaneously perform machine cleaning of the façade and supply other workers with manual cleaning of the façade elements which are not accessible for the cleaning machine. You make full use of human resources during the service. Using a buffer tank you can use demineralized water for cleaning with high pressure washers. It is the only mobile, automatic solution on the market which gives you such possibilities.

Proven solution for facade cleaning machines working at heights of up to 200m.


Electronic water control system at all stages of water treatment. The system monitors the quantity of flowing water and its pressure. Any flow anomaly will be noticed and, if necessary, the operator will be notified. Prevents many breakdowns due to improper use of the unit.


Periodic flushing To ensure proper conditions and long-lasting membrane operation, the control system periodically initiates a flushing cycle. During this time the production of demineralized water is stopped and the membrane is cleaned with an increased flow of water. This cycle is started before the start of operation, after the end of operation and, if necessary, during operation.

Antiscalant dosage

 Raw water, without pretreatment, causes a gradual build-up of scale between the layers of the osmotic membrane. This will accelerate the harder the water is fed to the unit. Water can be pre-softened in the softening station, but this solution is more expensive and requires a lot of user attention (refilling of salt tablets, bed regeneration). Much more convenient is dosing of antiscalant to raw water. Antiscalant is a chemical agent that prevents crystallization on the membrane. It is very concentrated, one pack is enough for 3000 to 8000 cubic meters of water. A low level of antiscalant is indicated in advance.

Built-in hydrophore

As a standard, each station is equipped with hydrophore set to obtain adequate pressure of demineralized water. In standard we offer 7 Bar hydrophore. To work with the machine working at great heights we offer a hydrophore of 50 Bar..

Technical specifications

ENRO -600S

Number of membrannes


Nominal capacity [l/h]


Average yield of demineralized water [%]


Maximum electrical power [W]


Standstill power [W]


Contamination rejection rate [%]


Demineralized water measurement


Means of conductivity measurement


LCD screen


Continuous conductivity measurement

The quality of the water obtained is measured by its electrical conductivity. The value is continuously displayed on the operator panel and any increase in the value will stop the chiller operation.


Extremely low energy consumption. Innovative approach to the production of our devices has allowed us to significantly reduce the consumption of electricity needed to produce demineralized water. While traditional devices have an energy rate of 300 l/kWh, our stations reach up to 900 l/kWh.

LCD screen The station is equipped with an LCD screen which displays the most important parameters of the machine. The display shows the level of demineralized water conductivity, pump operation and water flow in main branches. In addition, the display shows information on alarm situations or the necessary servicing.

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