Washing of photovoltaic panels

The performance of a photovoltaic installation is affected by many elements. One of them is to keep the surface of the panels properly clean, as sunlight can reach the polycrystalline photovoltaic cells unhindered, where they are converted to electricity.

The owner of the installation comparing the efficiency of clean and dirty cells in full sunlight may not notice much difference because the installation is operating at full power. However, the ratio of efficiency of clean and dirty panels is different on cloudy days or when the angle of sunlight is less favorable (morning or afternoon). The difference in their efficiency can significantly affect annual electricity production, so consider washing them periodically if the manufacturer/installer has not specified its own warranty requirements

Effective and safe cleaning of photovoltaic panels is possible only with a soft brush and demineralized water. This method is recommended by specialists in the field of solar systems, as it guarantees high cleaning efficiency while there is no risk of damage to photovoltaic panels. It is not recommended to wash these installations with high-pressure washers, which can cause leaks and damage.
Our equipment facilities in the form of, among other things, a high-performance mobile demineralized water machine provides a guarantee that the service will be carried out properly and the impurities responsible for lowering the efficiency of the installation will be removed

We use state-of-the-art technical solutions adapting cleaning methods and equipment to the specifics of the order. We have the machine facilities to carry out the most demanding and extensive work, so we can wash very large areas extremely quickly and efficiently and our very high liability policy protects your property.

What sets us apart?

We are a technology company focused on creating innovative tools.


What does this mean for our customers and potentially for you?

  • We provide service with industrial equipment for professional applications with high efficiency – fast implementation. For example, we have a high-performance automatic osmosis station capable of producing more than 500L of demineralized water per hour, which is extremely important when using high-performance cleaning processes with specialized machinery.
  • We tailor the cleaning technology to your specific case and refine it with each subsequent order to you – a high quality process with no surprises.
  • We are constantly improving our machines and tools with your building in mind to complete each subsequent order more efficiently and, if possible, more cheaply or without significant increases due to inflation – by improving efficiency we reduce the impact of inflation on the price of your order.
  • Our operations and the property of our clients are insured with a liability policy of 1 million PLN.

in addition

  • We are a company with Polish capital and innovative tools (if you appreciate the development of innovation of Polish companies)

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