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Clean the facade faster and cheaper!

The Demishine machines are a system for cleaning building façades made of non-porous materials. The high capacity of the machine makes it possible to clean large facade areas quickly with a team of just 2 people, and if you use an aerial lift or a crane, only 1 person is required for operation.

Machine cleans facade at least 10 times faster than a human!

The devices are ideal for washing glass or sheet metal in combination with demineralized water. If it is necessary to remove difficult dirt, it is possible to use detergents, because the devices are equipped with a tank and a pump dosing detergent.

Increase productivity while reducing personnel costs!

With a Demishine facade cleaning machine, you can clean facades at least several times faster while reducing the number of personnel involved in the job. Use your employees where they are needed, use the machine for the rest of the work and you will be surprised how quickly you will get a return on investment by completing more jobs per season. 

You adjust the parameters yourself!

Demishine facade cleaning machines have adjustable speed and direction of the cleaning brush so you can adjust the parameters to your needs. You can also vary the distance of the brush from the façade and adjust the water consumption according to the degree of dirt on the façade and the need to rinse out the dirt. You use as much water as necessary to achieve the best cleaning result – you decide. You use as much water as necessary to achieve the best cleaning result – you decide. The operating instructions written by practitioners and machine training will help you. You adjust the washing efficiency to the degree of dirt and type of facade. You will be surprised how quickly you can clean a façade.

You can select parameters such as:

  • Brush speed
  • Direction of brush rotation
  • Water consumption
  • Brush arrangement on the façade
  • Detergent concentration
  • How to suspend the machine

Various equipment options

The machine can be pulled up the façade using the façade platform, rope winch, car lift or truck crane. It is also possible to connect the machine to the infrastructure of the building. The use of Demishine façade cleaning machines is also possible where there are only rooftop cranes for climbers to insert into sockets. We have developed a rail system ready to be suspended from the cranes on which the machine can be smoothly moved along the building’s façade.

Be self-sufficient

We can offer you a system thanks to which you can provide services on buildings on which there is no system to suspend the machine or possibility to drive a crane under the building. Ultralight aluminum crane placed on the edge of the roof and attached by a rope to the anchor points on the roof. The solution with the outreach of 150 cm does not occupy the roof area with the maximum admissible working load of 150 kg.


Special ultralight system for use on membrane roofs

A huge amount of large-scale buildings in the form of logistics warehouses and factories are currently under construction in Europe and around the world. The development of the e-commerce industry and the demand for warehouse space is currently growing at a double-digit rate. Facades of such objects are washed much less often than in office or apartment buildings, however their surface is stunning even if we assume that they are washed once every 10 years. With them in mind we have developed an ultralight mobile aluminium davit for use on membrane roofs of low load-bearing capacity. The crane does not need to be anchored to the building, the ballast is only water.

Mobile osmosis station

To supply the machine with demineralized water you can use any osmosis station capable of supplying you with as much water as you need for cleaning the façade according to the cleaning parameters you set. If you want to wash a façade very quickly and at the same time you need a good rinsing of the dirt from the façade, you need a powerful osmosis station. We have a solution for you!

With our automatic and mobile osmosis station, you can produce demineralized water at the service site directly in your delivery truck or produce it in advance and arrive with a supply of water for small jobs..

Our osmosis stations produce up to 600 liters of demineralized water per hour and work automatically. Having such a station you can simultaneously machine wash the façade and supply other workers washing manually the elements of the façade inaccessible for the cleaning machine. You make full use of human resources during the service. Using a buffer tank you can use demineralized water for cleaning with high pressure washers. It is the only mobile, automatic solution on the market which gives you such possibilities.

Increase safety of work at height

By using facade cleaning machines, you increase worker safety. Falls from height are the most common cause of workplace fatalities. Every year, falls from heights account for nearly 30% of fatal accidents at work. By using Demishine façade cleaning machines you reduce the risk to a minimum because a machine works at height instead of a human being. It does not get tired, it does not need rest, it is not bothered by heat, cold or rain and it does not make mistakes when moving along the façade. Man is still crucial in this process, but the risk for the worker and for you as an employer is much lower.


You can choose equipment options according to your current needs and then purchase additional components if necessary. We can also build you a machine tailored to your individual needs.

Our machines at work